Did You Know...

Taking the salmon out of the water but not the water out of the salmon...

Has your smoked salmon been frozen already?

90% of smoked salmon has been frozen once before you buy it. Ours is not frozen before it gets to you.

Is it Scottish or Norwegian salmon?

Almost three-quarters of salmon now sold in the UK comes from Norway. Norwegian salmon is typically 10 to 15 per cent cheaper than Scottish Salmon, however it usually takes four days for the fish to arrive in the UK. Our salmon is all UK sourced, mainly from Shetland, where they are allowed to swim.

Is it flabby or soft with no weight loss from Smoking?

In an attempt to maximise profit by reducing the weight lost during the smoking process, others shorten the smoking time. Some salmon smokers don’t even smoke their salmon at all now, but instead spray it with liquid smoke flavouring. This is why cheaper smoked salmon is often slimy textured and flabby.

Here at Belhaven Smokehouse we smoke our fish in the traditional way, called the "Belhaven Cure". Each side of fish loses around 25 per cent of its weight as a result of the process, meaning that we aren't, like some modern producers, effectively selling water for the price of salmon.